Did It Survive The Tour? Fusion Gig Bag Review

Did It Survive The Tour? Fusion Gig Bag Review

The Geeky Part…

My search for a high quality dual electric guitar gig bag was based on my band (Square One) requirement to:

– Load all backline equipment and instruments into one van for an upcoming UK Tour;

– Walk my own gear from van to stage every night with minimum of trips and weight (keeping it real, no roadies just yet);

– Keep my guitars safe when in transit and when been handled by stage staff;

– Enough storage so I can store; spare leads, plectrums, IEMs, slide, lube (I love a slick fretboard..), spare shirt, wallet and a good few beers..

– Allow my guitar straps to remain attached to the guitar when in transit to speed up set up time.

I undertook the usual amount of over the top research while finding the right high end dual guitar case (I can’t stand the feeling of ending up with something’s that’s nearly right) I found that the Fusion urban double gig bag met all my requirements and bit the bullet.

In Practice…

Well the tour was awesome… so was all my gear.

The gig bag was easy to carry gig after gig thanks to the soft and supportive handle and shoulder straps. Guitars were easy to house following every show due to the semi ridged nature of the construction and customisable interior supports. I’m happy to report that I experienced none of the usual frustrations with cheap grabby zips & clips sometimes associated with gig bags. Using the Fusion was easy and hassle free.

I’m pleased to say none of my guitars were damaged while on tour and moving into the summer festival/gig season I have every confidence that this product will withstand the battle ahead.

Good work Fusion

You can see it in action in our latest music/tour video below

Tour Video & New Single!

Well...touring is the most fun thing to do....EVER!

Our latest release comes in the form of a tour video. We had such a good time on the road and for our first tour as a band it couldn't have been better. So here is a compilation of all the footage that was captured along to our latest song 'All Night Long'.

Special mention to City Cowgirl for sending us some golden footage. Click Here and follow her page on facebook.


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